Our Services

Human Capital

People will always be an organizations most valuable asset.  Do your organization objectives align with employee objectives and aspirations? Does your learning & development program serve your business and your people? Are you managing talent while enabling growth for your people and your business? Do you have turnover and challenges backfilling experienced professionals? Is your workforce optimized? Do you have a leadership Development program? Coaching culture? Do you have a Knowledge Management Plan? In need of HR outsourcing? Going through HR outsourcing transition? Organizations today are facing a host of human capital challenges. Fass Advisory Group provides the following HC services to keep your organization and people growing and succeeding during your most challenging and opportunistic times.

CEO/President/Business Owner Peer Advisory Groups
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Organizational Assessment and Design
Learning & Development
Talent Management
Succession Planning
Workforce Planning
Knowledge Management


Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement

In need of transformation? Is it a business imperative? Competitive necessity? Technology insertion? Fass Advisory Performance Improvement services enable accelerated and optimized transformation Change minimizing impact to ongoing operations.

Organizational Assessment

Strategic Planning

Board Development

Change Readiness Assessment

Stakeholder Assessment

Training Needs Assessment

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Benefits Realization

Business Process Reengineering

Workforce Planning

Organizational Change Management 


Risk Management

The one thing that remains consistent in a high technology ever changing business and operating environment is uncertainty. Effective and efficient risk management plays a key role in organizational and business success. Innovation is a business imperative and also increases uncertainty mandating an enterprise-wide need for a well thought out Risk Management Program. Fass Advisory Group provides governance and risk services at all levels of your organization and across your enterprise. Our services mitigate risks across your enterprise resulting in early identification, accelerated response and minimized impact to business operations and mission accomplishment.

Project and Program Management (PPM) Assurance

PPM Risk Assessments

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Assessments

Governance Consulting


Project, Program and Portfolio (PPM) Management Services

Challenges achieving project success? Are projects and programs running late and over budget? Is your portfolio optimized and aligned with your critical business needs and objectives? Fass Advisory PPM services result in on time on budget and quality delivery while directly contributing to top and bottom line performance and mission accomplishment.

Project and Program Assessments 
Project Audits 
Organizational PPM Maturity Assessments 
PMO Design, Setup and Implementation 
Portfolio Management and Optimization  
Capital Planning and Investment Control 
Business Case Development and Monitoring 
Benefits Realization Baseline and Monitoring 
PPM Training