Doing more with less is the new normal. Recurring budget cuts and expanded missions continue to challenge, stretch and increase risk for federal, state, and local governments. Business as usual, project failures and an overall need for continuous improvement is ever present. Fass Advisory Group provides a range of Public Sector management consulting services leading to enhanced governance and consistent performance improvement.

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Industries continues to struggle with regulatory issues and challenges, Asset Management, financial reporting requirements, talent Management, technology readiness and optimization and overall business strategy. Fass Advisory Group provides a range of Financial Services and cross industry management consulting services.

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The current economic environment continues to create great challenges for non-profit organizations. Government assistance, private sponsors and key donors are tightening their belts and non-profits are experiencing a steady decline in overall support and funding. Fass Advisory Group understands non-profit mission accomplishment is paramount to so many local, national and global stakeholders.

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